Counterstrike – A day in Tronix

Counter-Strike  Condition Zero

Go! Go! Go!

It’s Lionel Messi! He’s got the ball! Only the keeper to beat!


Oh man! The alarm is the most irritating necessity in the world. I press the snooze button and sleep till my roommate kicks me awake. With class to start in 10 minutes, my routines carry on at 10X speed. One…Two…Three…Four… I step and hop on the dry patches of the slushy dirt path, that we call a road, to make my way to class.

Need “Back”up

My lip-reading skills have definitely improved sitting in an insulated corner of the class (the last bench). When all attempts of paying attention fail, my mind switches on to “Drift Mode”. During the lunch break, I reload my ammunition with bulletproof rotis and peas pellets.

Fire in the Hole

After surfing through electromagnetic waves and playing with 1’s and 0’s in 8 hours of tiring classes and lab, I’m on my way back. It’s raining hard and I navigate my way back to the hostel through the mud jumping along the dry patches. One…Two…Three…Foooouuuur!!! I slip and land neatly in the slush. A passing truck completes my mud bath. I reach my room dripping in orange and my lab work ruined. Huh! A long week ahead, I think, picking up my lab record.

After a couple of games of DOTA and aloo – parathas from the nearby dhaba, I call it a day. Thus ends a rather eventful day in tronix (that’s what we used to fondly call our electronics branch in an attempt to make it sound cooler!).

I plunge into Camp Nou Stadium to find Messi winding up for a shot.

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